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This information sheet has been created to alleviate any confusion as to what is required of course participants. The Teacher Center offers courses and workshops that are focused on topics that teachers can utilize in the classroom with their students to enhance teaching and learning. All our instructors are either active or retired teachers.

Course Procedures

  • Participants are expected to be present and on time for all classes. If the attendance requirement is not met, no credit will be granted.

    • No absences are allowed in Saturday and Summer classes, as well as one credit courses.

    • One absence is allowed in a two credit course.

    • Two absences are allowed in a three credit course.

    • Lateness counts as a partial absence.

    • An absence is defined as anything that prevents you from being in class. The only exception to this is Jury Duty.

    • Make up days are scheduled in the event of inclement weather or the absence of the instructor. If it is necessary to utilize these day(s), participants are expected to attend class.

  • Cell phones should be turned off during class.

  • Participants are expected to complete assignments and participate during class. Please remember the instructor is a colleague.


  • In-service

    • The Yonkers Board of Education grants in-service credit to its employees for courses taken at the Teacher Center. Others must contact their employers for information about in-service requirements. If a teacher from Yonkers takes an in-service course from an institution outside of Yonkers, approval for credit must be obtained from the Office of Personnel in advance.

    • Pass/Fail grades are given at the conclusion of the course. Grades for Yonkers Public School teachers are sent directly to the Board of Education and to the participant. Individuals are still responsible, however, for submitting their own lane change request forms to the Director of Personnel. Notification of completion of credit will be sent by the Teacher Center to other schools/districts only upon request.

  • Graduate/Undergraduate

    • Letter grades are given at the conclusion of the course and grade reports are sent to the participants by the College. If a salary increment is sought as a result of the completion of the course, it is the responsibility of the participants to notify their employers and to contact the college to arrange for an official transcript to be sent to the employer. The Teacher Center does not notify employers about the completion of college credits.

Lane Changes

  • Teachers in Yonkers receive a lane change at the completion of 15 credits. 9 credits may be in-service and 6 credits must be college courses. Teachers can use more college course credits, but they must use a minimum of 6 credits out of 15. Lane changes are not automatic. “In order for a lane change to occur, teachers must submit to the Personnel Office, the appropriate form provided by the District for this purpose, but not earlier than the date of completion of the last course used for this change.”

  • “Lane changes shall take place on September 1 and February 1 of each year. Applications for a lane change shall be submitted as soon after the completion of the needed credits as possible. If a delay occurs in the appropriate proof of completion of said course, the lane change will not occur until all materials are filed. The lane change will be retroactive to the applicable September 1, or February 1.” If a lane change application is submitted after 9/1 or 2/1, there will be no retroactive payment.

    *Quoted from the Contract

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